My new novel, Ruthless.

I’m writing a new book! This one’s been in the works for a while, and I’m super excited about it. Hopefully sharing it will help me to continue writing it, the same way sharing my novel, Reprise, pushed me to finish it. Want to read an excerpt?

The novel’s set in London, and it’s about the young baristas, bartenders, and booklovers that work in a bookshop/cafe/bar. Newcomer Jane is running away from her own problems, and soon discovers her new colleagues at Brew Books have secrets of their own.

Here’s an excerpt:

‘Harper!’ Kitty yells, leaning over the bar. A guy stands up from behind the bar, a shocked look on his face. He glances between Kitty and me.

‘Hey,’ he says. ‘You’re Jane?’

He reaches out a hand to shake, then stares down at the yellow rubber glove covered in soap suds on his hand, and retracts it. Other than washing up gloves, he’s wearing a denim button-up and black skinny jeans. He has chin-length dark curls, which I would usually find unattractive, but this guy’s broad shoulders and handsome face allow him to pull off the dishevelled look.

‘Yeah, I’m Jane,’ I say. I think I’m beaming.

‘This is Harper,’ Kitty says, somewhat pointedly. I glance at her, and she’s raising her eyebrow at me.

‘I hear we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,’ Harper says, pulling off the yellow gloves and wiping his hands on a tea towel. ‘Honestly, it’s been hell here for a while with Matt gone.’

Kitty coughs, and I realise I must be staring. I make a point to shut my jaw and give a smile.

‘But I’m glad you’re getting the new gig,’ Harper says, with a sly grin.

‘So why did Matt leave?’ I ask, because the question has been burning on my tongue since I got here. In the photos I’ve seen on Kitty’s Instagram, this group is inseparable. I just can’t imagine that one of its members would leave so suddenly.

‘Let’s not get into it…’ Kitty is saying, but Harper cuts her off.

‘No idea,’ Harper says. ‘He’s always been his own man. Always makes his own decisions. Left us reeling, though.’

‘That sucks,’ I say. ‘Pretty inconsiderate of him, really.’

Harper chuckles. ‘Yeah, you said it. So anyway, you sticking around for a few drinks tonight?’

I glance at Kitty, who says, ‘you may as well.’

‘Yeah, I guess,’ I say.

‘Come on,’ Kitty says to me. ‘Let’s leave him to it.’

So, that’s a little taste! I’ll be publishing the novel as I write it on Wattpad, so you can read the full first chapter right here.



One thought on “My new novel, Ruthless.

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