Brilliant undiscovered novels on Wattpad.

Wattpad is full to bursting with young adult fiction about bad boys, best friend’s brothers and cliche teen romances. And so many of those stories have something like 50 M reads, or more. But if you’re looking for more powerful writing, sometimes you have to look past the “bestseller” books on Wattpad, and discover a few hidden gems. I’ve put together a list of a few completed novels on Wattpad that are unique, creative, and amazing. Oh, and most importantly, they’re all completed, so you don’t have to wait for the next chapter.

Here is a list of a few undiscovered, completed novels on Wattpad, that don’t have as many reads as they deserve.

Like Hurricanes

Sixteen-year-old Pietro “Pit” is the cute goofy idiot who hangs out with the popular crowd. He’s the guy that wears grandpa pants and flannels. He’s the guy that failed sophomore year. With his reputation, that doesn’t seem like a problem. But it is. Because Pit cares about everything and he always cares too much.

Between crumbling friendships and the desire to fit in, Pit loses himself in the adrenaline of wild youth. But Noemi Defelice, his new classmate, might remind him that he isn’t as average as he wants to seem. That if he wants, he can be a hurricane.

Paper Flowers

It’s senior year, and Erika Soto has been rated a nine every week.

After a catastrophic summer that tore her friends apart, the last thing Erika needs to worry about is another layer to Aquino High’s complicated, ultra-exclusive social pyramid. At a school where secrets and weaknesses are taken advantage of every day, the senior boys have now decided to rate the girls every week. And if the rating on your Post-It note is low, then you might as well say goodbye to everything.

At first Erika’s as swept up in the competition as everyone else. But as her life starts to unravel and her perspectives on everyone she thought she knew change, she has to make a quick decision between living at the top of the pyramid and living with herself. And even if she does choose to take a stand, who’s to stay she’ll succeed? Can the girls on top really overthrow a system that’s years in the making?

King of Freaks

Eliazer King was the definition of gorgeous. He was the entire package, the girls every-weakness-starter-pack. He was the guy that could’ve gotten any girl he wanted.

But he didn’t.

Eliazer wasn’t popular in the way you think, nor was he your cliché womanizer. Eliazer King was an abnegation to society. He was a loner and was gifted the title King of Freaks simply because he was blind. People wouldn’t dare look at him, and if they did, they grimaced in horror upon looking at his face.

Eliazer’s right eye was compared to a demonic child’s, all because he had no iris or pupil. His right eye was as white as a pearl and that simple flaw was the only reason as to why people thought he was an oddity and embarrassment.

But poor Eliazer will never forget the day he turned half blind; ever.

Once Eliazer meets the peculiar Bryn Atkinson, questions begin to arise. Bryn knew she was stuck to Eliazer the minute she looked at his eye; the eye of wonder.

She always said “Beauty is only skin deep”, but soon enough, she learns there’s more meaning to Eliazer’s eye of wonder.

So it’s like they say, Curiosity killed a cat.

But she has nine lives.


Welcome to Hilverton College, one of the most exclusive high schools in Australia.

Meet Emily Maisonwood, senior and head of Cernette house. Her right hand man, Watson Langley, is currently dating the head of Landor house, much to Emily’s disapproval. And her arch enemy (and childhood best friend), Lucas Elmhirst, knows something that Emily doesn’t.

Sixteen years ago, a lead singer died. The police have just reopened the case.

Senior year’s only getting started.

Reading a novel


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