Book Review: The Power

Why did it take me so long to read this book? I actually started reading it months ago and then put it down because I couldn’t get into it. And why?! It was such a brilliant, exciting novel, that started with a bang and kept me interested the whole way through. I loved and rooted for the characters the whole time, and I adored every single concept and subtle argument that Naomi Alderman came up with throughout the story.

The Power starts a huge feminist discussion, but it’s also a dramatic dystopian plot in and of itself, much like The Handmaid’s Tale. I wanted the characters to succeed even as I understood the purpose of the novel was to take a stance against gender inequality. Alderman’s argument throughout the whole novel showed so simply how gender inequality is so harmful to the world, and yet the action of the plot made this novel a completely thrilling read rather than a purely academic argument.

Anyone who loves dystopian fiction would be all over this novel. And if you’re like me and love your fiction wrapped in a neat package of thought-provoking discoursing about race, sexuality and gender, you’re going to want to put this to the top of your reading list.



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