January Book Wrap Up.

January is definitely the Monday of the year – one long, cold, dreary Monday. This January has been particularly bleak because of personal reasons, but the one advantage to being newly single is I have more time for reading and writing (scraping for positives, here). This month I made an effort to read more Young Adult novels; it’s what I write, so I should read them, but I always tend to read contemporary lit. I found some hits and some misses, so without further ado…

October is the Coldest Month, Christoffer Carlsson

This is a short, young adult mystery based in rural Sweden. The mood throughout the novel was bleak and desolate – all misty forests and never ending rain, which was written well and set the scene. But the mystery was enough to keep me reading, but I found the resolution wasn’t satisfying, so I was disappointed to finish it. I rated it 3 stars.

Wonder, R.J. Palacio

Recently this novel (probably more middle grade than young adult) was turned into a movie. It was sweet, heartwarming and had beautifully written characters. It tells the story of Auggie, who was born with a facial abnormality. The novel starts from his point of view, but also explores the stories of his family and friends. I found the depths of these stories lovely. Although it was dealing with a terrible issue, there was barely any conflict in the novel, but it was still a sweet read. I rated it 4 stars.

Between the Lines, Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer

Picoult wrote this novel with her daughter. I have only ever read one of Picoult’s other novels – Small Great Things – which I really enjoyed. This novel was a little more childish and trivial than I expected. I rated it 3 stars.

Carry On, Rainbow Rowell

Here we go. This is the one Young Adult novel that I read this month and actually bloody loved. I wrote a more in depth review of Carry On here, but my basic reaction was – this is brilliant. 5 stars.

White Tears, Hari Kunzru

The only adult novel I’ve read this year so far, and damn. My review of White Tears is over here,  head this way. I’m giving it 5 stars straight away.

Have you read any good books this year so far? Let me know if you have any recommendations!


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