August Goals.

It’s literally nigh on 35 degrees as I write this, with a fan pointed directly into my (shiny with sweat from my bike ride) face. Yes, I get it, summer is here. Oh god, I get it.

You’d think as an Australian I’d be somewhat well-adjusted to the heat, but I’m also used to air-conditioning and spending summer days by the beach, so this whole sticking to my desk chair with sweat thing is a whole different ball game. Writing and editing has fallen out the window in favour of feeding my melted brain Netflix and Youtube videos because I’m too hot to concentrate on anything substantial.

Anyway, with August comes a few exciting bits and bobs to look forward to, although apparently the 30 degree days are here to stay, for the next few days at least. Here are a few goals I have for the month.

Writing goals for August

You all know I’m still editing away at my novel, Brew Books, and I hope to upload a shiny new version to Wattpad very soon, with some exciting news to go along with it.

I’m also writing the sequel, which is going along quicker than I could have expected. I’m about halfway through, and considering I only started it a couple of months ago, this is pretty great. Writing a novel isn’t usually this quick for me. Touch wood, anyway.

Travel plans for August

I swore I wouldn’t step foot in Trump’s America, but here I am eating my words in August of this year. I’m popping over to NYC for the first time, so any recommendations you have, throw them my way.

August TBR List

To be fair, I always set myself To Be Read lists and then never follow them because I get excited by another book, but still, here’s a list of books that are on the horizon for me in the near future:

  • Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo
  • Ruin & Rising, Leigh Bardugo
  • Scarlet, Marissa Meyer

These are all young adult fantasy, so I’ll probably need some contemporary lit novel to squeeze in there too.

Alright, enough rambling, that’s me done for August.

What are you up to this month?


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