October Goals.

October is all crisp golden leaves, crunchy underfoot, and vibrant pink sunsets above the Berlin skyline, and jumpers and scarves and pulling my coat out from storage. It’s the start of staying in and finding more time to read, and write, and consume content (and by that I mean binge Netflix shows with no guilt), and I’m looking forward to more me-time. I’ve got some exciting things coming up in October and I can’t wait for this month to unravel.

Writing goals

In October I’ll finally start making money from my novel, Brew Books. In case you haven’t heard, I am part of a Wattpad trial to pay content creators for their writing, so I’m literally going to start cashing in my cheques. This is the first time I’ll ever be paid for my writing (my personal, novel writing, rather than content writing for a company, that is), so it’s pretty exciting.

I also want to keep working on the sequel to Brew Books, as well as a couple of other projects that I’ve been slowly chipping away at in the background without sharing anything. Maybe I’ll get to the point soon where I have more writing to share online.

Reading goals

Eek. I’ve been so slow at reading lately, but I know the colder months will allow me some more time to really dive into my looming book pile. My goal for this month is just to catch up on reading – I have a goal to read 60 books this year, and I’ve fallen behind.

Travel goals

I’m not travelling anywhere this month, which is strange! But after a summer of partying and exploring around Europe and the world it’s probably necessary to reign in the spending for a bit, save up for Christmas, and plan some travel for next spring and summer.


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