October Goals.

And onwards into October. To set the scene, Berlin has descended into a hard and fast winter, where I’ve been caught out unexpectedly in 2 degree temperatures with only a jacket because I didn’t know it would be so cold, so fast. But I’ve pulled all my long socks, jumpers and scarves from their boxes in the basement and aired them out, ready to wear for the rest of the year. Here’s what I’m hoping to tick off this month…

Writing goals

Let’s do this, October! This month I have the goal to write 500 words per day of my Young Adult Fantasy novel, Starrlings. The goal is then to finish this bad boy in November and take a break from it before tackling editing + a sequel next year. So, let’s see if I can complete that task…

Reading goals

Lofty reading goals abound, as I’ve got a TBR as long as my arm, as always. I’m currently in the midst of a Madeline Miller-spurred Greek mythology binge, having read Miller’s Song of Achilles and Circe. I’m currently reading Pat Barker’s Silence of the Girls, and aim to continue my Greek odyssey with a couple of books by Stephen Fry, who helpfully breaks down all the myths and heroes with his own wit and charm. I’m also halfway through a very long audiobook, Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin, and hope to finish that this month too. Plus, as always, I’m behind on my 2019 reading goal to read 50 books, so better get back into it now the nights are long!

Travel goals

I thought I wouldn’t travel anywhere else this year before heading to Australia in December, but I’m sneaking in one last trip before the end, with a weekend in Brugge to visit a friend. Very excited to see this Instagram-dream of a city and explore its postcard-perfect houses and canals. A Netflix rewatch of the titular film might be on the cards, too.

Other goals

This month I’m embarking upon a solo quest, mostly out of curiosity to see if I can do it… Sober October! Whether this beer-loving Berliner can make it a month without alcohol remains to be seen, but hopefully my liver will thank me for the attempt, anyway.

Plus! One of my continuing goals is to get started with a monthly newsletter, which is already happening! If you enjoy my blog posts and want to keep up to date about what I’m writing about, feel free to subscribe to my monthly emails.

Thanks for reading!

Image by Julia Nimke.


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