Five Favourite Things: September.

Hello hello! I want to start a new thing on this blog where I post 5 faves from the month. Whether I actually stick to this is anyone’s guess. But here goes, starting with September! These were my favourite bits of the month that was…

my birthday

Feels fitting to start off this blog series with September since it’s my birth month. I turned 26, and this year I celebrated with a brunch at my apartment in Berlin, filling up on avocado on toast, prosecco and pastries with a few pals. I also taught myself how to make Bloody Marys, which I think will come in very handy in future…

the climate strike in Berlin

In Berlin, approximately 370,000 people turned out to strike against climate change. I skipped work for a few hours with a bunch of colleagues to join the crowd at Brandenburg Gate. We mostly milled rather than marched, as it was actually a bit too crowded to more anywhere, but it gave plenty of opportunity to see some stellar signs.

reaching 100K reads on Starrlings

Achievement unlocked! My YA fantasy baby, Starrlings, just hit 100,000 hits AKA ‘reads’ on Wattpad. That’s a pretty insane number of eyeballs on this novel. It’s my favourite book I’ve ever written, full of all the fantasy things I love – magic and magic schools and evil villains and teenage romance and heartbreak, magical creatures and fire-breathing tigers and dragons and an almost-modern world. I’m so happy that readers are enjoying reading it as much as I’m enjoying writing it!

vegan doughnuts

I’ve heard about Berliner fave Brammibal’s Donuts before, but never gotten them on my tastebuds until now, when I had about four… but it’s fine because they’re vegan! And look how cute!

scarf weather

HALLOOO Autumn! It’s scarf weather time and I’m loving the fact that it’s now appropriate to just run around with a big ass scarf around my shoulders like a blanket. I have so many scarves that are essentially just fluffy blankets and I have no shame.

Photos of me in this post are taken by Julia Nimke and Sólveig Thomas.


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