November Goals.

November, November.

The year is very rapidly drawing to a close, and so I must once again take stock of the ambitious goals I set myself for the remaining days. Last month I wanted to write a set amount and read a set amount that I did not accomplish. Perhaps November, with its cold nights and zero holidays (really, zero!) will be my chance?

Writing goals

This month I’m planning to finish writing Starrlings, book one of a young adult fantasy trilogy. I’m not competing officially in NaNoWriMo this year, but I’ll still be setting myself daily writing goals until I can knock this one out, finally. In the background I’ve also been working on the plot of the 3-book series, and I’ve even thought up a name for each book, finally. Names are hard.

Reading goals

Yes, hello, I’m still behind on my 2019 Goodreads challenge to read 50 books, and we’re getting uncomfortably close to the finish line now, so I’d better hurry up. I’m halfway through Mythos by Stephen Fry, which is brilliant, plus also halfway through Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb (which, at this rate, I’d just like to finish by the end of the year), and I’m a quarter of the way through Steel Crow Saga, which I’m really enjoying. But I do know I need to up my pace!

Travel goals

NOTHING! This month I’m going nowhere, and saving my hard-earned euros for my travels in 2020.

Other goals

One of my continuing goals is to get started with a monthly newsletter, which is already happening! If you enjoy my blog posts and want to keep up to date about what I’m writing about, feel free to subscribe to my monthly emails.

Thanks for reading!


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