Five Favourite Things: October.

October’s over, but I can look back with a little appreciation at the things I enjoyed through the month.

October leaves

Everything is brilliantly orange and gold in Berlin right now, and I’m here for it. In October I took myself for a few walks at the crisply golden hour of the afternoon, when the light goes crazy on all those leaves. It truly is something special, and I love making time to wander through the streets when it’s like this.

To be honest, in the colder months in years passed I have fallen into the trap of sleeping in late, having a slow morning, and then spending the rest of my afternoon writing inside. When I’m writing, I don’t often take myself out to a coffee shop, but rather stay in my bedroom, and I’m guilty of not leaving the house for a whole day. But breaking up my day with a walk, and grabbing a coffee from a local coffee shop, is the perfect little break that I need. I need to stop beating myself up about taking a break, and just enjoy it. I’m often 10x as productive afterwards, anyway.


Sorry for the ugly picture, but this is just to show off my ugly plant light, and beautiful Monstera Deliciosa!

This year since moving into my new flat, I’ve kind of become obsessed with plants. I guess it comes with finally settling myself in a flat that I want to stay in for a while, but still knowing that I’m not ready to get a pet just yet. So… plants! And as the days are getting shorter, I even invested in a plant light to keep my green babies happy through the winter nights. Yup, I’m a crazy plant lady now.

Ninth House

My favourite read of October, this new book by Leigh Bardugo AMAZING, and it felt like the perfect spooky October read. I love anything Leigh Bardugo writes, and this book was everything dark and haunted and creepy that I wanted.


A weekend in Bruges was a perfect relaxed city break, full of touristy moments like eating waffles for breakfast, but also cozy because I wrote a lot in the library while I was there. It’s the kind of slow, thoughtful and relaxed travelling that I enjoy most, and I want to do more of that in 2020.

Brew Books hit 300K

Sweet child of mine, Brew Books, my novel about young friends working at a coffee shop in London, officially hit 300,000 “reads” on Wattpad. It’s so excited that so many people have checked out the novel, and I hope readers continue to discover it while they’re looking for a cosy London read.

You can read Brew Books and my other novels on Wattpad.


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