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The books I read in 2018.

In 2018 I read 51 books, after pledging to read 50 in my Goodreads challenge. I’ve seen a few other book bloggers do some analysis of figures of their reading lists and I thought I’d take a look at my own list and crunch the numbers. If you’re a numbers person, this one’s for you.

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My 2018 highlights.

Okay so I know we’re more than a week into the New Year but I let it go by without really taking a moment to be proud of myself for my little accomplishments within the inconsequential social construct of the calendar year, so here you go. I know everyone hates these self-congratulatory posts, but as […]

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Looking back at 2017.

Well, that’s it then. 2017 is done and dusted, as of today. In fact, in Australia (and, okay, New Zealand first) it’s already well into the new year. Here in Berlin, the fresh new start we’ve all been waiting for is a matter of hours away. And I think it’s important to take stock of […]

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