To the lighthouse, Byron Bay.

The lighthouse at Byron Bay is an insanely popular tourist attraction. The best way to get up there is walking, although it’s quite a steep hill, especially in the Australian summer. We battled the heat to reach the top, along with about a million other spectators, here to witness the beauty of the northern New South Wales coastline.

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The Farm, Byron Bay.

Just outside of Byron Bay in New South Wales is The Farm. It’s a working farm which the public is free to stroll around in, home to cows, pigs, sheep and vegetables, as well as a macadamia orchard where you can crack and eat macadamias fresh from the trees.

There’s also a restaurant, a café, and a shop selling fresh produce, as well as lots of educational programs for children to learn about farming. Basically, it’s a pretty sweet place to check out.

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10 surprising differences between Australia and London.

Any Aussie moving to London would expect to find a few differences between the golden sandy beaches of Aus and the rainy grey city of London, but it’s not just the weather that’s the difference between living in Australia and living in England. We speak the same language, but there are heaps of cultural differences between the Brits and the Aussies, which you’ll discover living in the UK. I’m a Brisbane girl, and I moved to London when I was 21 to personify that Aussie-in-London stereotype, and I discovered some big differences in culture. And before anyone jokes about Aussies having no culture, you’ll start to recognise the Aussie culture as soon as you move to England and see what Aussies look like to a Londoner. You might be a bit embarrassed (and secretly a bit proud) of your own Australian culture.

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