Can you read faster on your phone?

When I see snaps from the enormous number of bookstagrammers, book bloggers and booklovers I follow on Instagram I have a big craving for physical books. Nothing quite beats the feel and smell of fresh paper from crisp new novels, or the dusty sweetness of old novels dug up from a secondhand bookstore. But as a frequent traveller and country hopper, I just don’t have the capacity to buy, carry around and store all the paperbacks I want to read.

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Reprise – my first novel.

A few years ago I first started publishing my novel, Reprise, on Wattpad, while I was writing it. I found the whole process of publishing while writing so encouraging – people were reading my book at the same time I was writing it, giving encouragement, and begging me to continue! It led me to finishing the novel, and I’m so happy I did! Since uploading the original book I have done some major edits, so I’ve now uploaded the new and improved version of Reprise to Wattpad. If you want to read my novel (completely for free) you can!