Wandering the old town of Tallinn, Estonia.

We had one day in Tallinn, a portside city with a beautiful medieval old town. The old town was rammed full of tourists, but there’s a reason for that! It has pretty pastel buildings within a medieval wall that’s still mostly standing to this day. The town is often overrun with tour groups coming in from the cruise ships, which is a downside. The upside is that the old town is beautiful and easily walkable. There are spectacular views and everything is pretty as a picture (it helped that we had such sunny weather!).

Old town Tallinn marketplaceWandering through the streets of TallinnPretty building in Tallinn, EstoniaMarketplace in Tallinn, EstoniaMedieval wall in Tallinn, Estonia

We stopped in at Cafe Dannebrog, which I saw recommended from another travel blogger. The location was really cool – you have to climb up treacherous steps inside the wall to get to the cafe. There’s a great view and it’s a lovely place with outdoor seating. However I ordered two coffees and the server told me that would be 14 euro. I was actually astounded, and didn’t even have 14 euro on me, so I told her to forget it. You can take a seat without having to enter the cafe, so it’s nice to just sit there for a moment and enjoy the view before moving on.

View from the medieval wallView from Cafe in Tallinn, EstoniaCafe Dannebrog in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is super walkable if you don’t mind hills, and there are some great views to reward you for climbing up the hills or the steps!

View in Tallinn, EstoniaIMG_7437Blue skies over old town of Tallinn, EstoniaHello, Seagull!


10 thoughts on “Wandering the old town of Tallinn, Estonia.

      1. Helsinki is one of the places we want to go to next after doing Stockholm earlier this year. I have a couple of friends in Finland as well so it’s right at the top of the list! Great to know we can do Tallinn as well!

      2. Haha always ask the locals! I think we might do a complete tour of Scandinavia at some point. We loved Stockholm so we want to explore more of Sweden and we want see the fjords in Norway! Have you been to see them?

      3. That would be amazing! So expensive, though… I’ve only been to Oslo, but I’d love to explore more of Norway – what I saw of it was beautiful.

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