I’m sure Hallstatt, Austria, will forever be one of my favourite places that I’ve ever visited, because it was so incredibly beautiful. We went in the middle of winter, hoping for a beautiful snow-covered village, but sadly there was no snow! The day we went was a bit rainy, misty and miserable… and yet Hallstatt was still so incredibly photogenic. It really just is that beautiful. Fair warning, this post is incredibly picture heavy, but I just couldn’t cut any out!

Hallstatt, AustriaIMG_7520IMG_7518IMG_7517IMG_7512IMG_7505

Hallstatt is nestled neatly between a mountain and a lake, with colourful Austrian houses  up the hillside overlooking the still water. It’s a tiny village, and easy to walk around.

IMG_7519IMG_7515IMG_7514Hallstatt, AustriaIMG_7511Hallstatt, AustriaHallstatt, AustriaIMG_7508IMG_7507IMG_7506

If you’re ever in Austria I would 100% recommend Hallstatt – and I’m sure no matter what time of year and no matter the weather it would still be incredible! Snow would just be amazing, don’t you think?


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