I swear it just started, but summer seems to be disappearing before my very eyes. And while everyone’s told me Berlin summer is amazing, I think this summer the weather hasn’t been that great. There’s been a lot of rainy days and storms. While I’m hoping for a pretty amazing late summer, I thought I’d look back on a few of the things that have made this summer in Berlin so great.

Visiting the lakes

Hands down the number one thing about Berlin in summer, visiting a few lakes has been a blast. We went for a swim at Sacrower See, hired a boat on the Havel, and chilled out on the shore.

Having fun on the lakeDrinking cheap prosecco on the lakePuppyRenting a boat in Berlin

Boat party

For a friend’s birthday a bunch of us took booze, beers and tunes onto a boat, and danced for a few hours while our captain took us for a tour of the Spree.


Street festivals

Summer in Berlin has just been a mash up of street festivals, raves and demonstrations, from May Day, Karneval der Kulturen and Zug der Liebe, I’ve done my fair share of stomping in the streets. I’m just sad I missed Pride and Christopher Street Day, because I was away.

Zug der Liebe street festival Berlinimg_5189

Beers in the sun

Berlin has plenty of chill places, with good views and cheap beer, and I spent as many sunny evenings as I could hanging out at Klunkerkranich, Deck 5, CDV, Holzmarkt, as well as just sitting by the Spree with a beer from the Spati.

View from Deck 5 in Prenzlauer Berg, BerlinView of Berlin Cathedral over the SpreeYAAM in BerlinHolzmarkt in BerlinHolzmarkt in Berlinimg_5774

Exploring Berlin in summer

Berlin trainsSunny day in Berlin at the Reichstagimg_5630img_5638Street art in Berlin

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