A lazy Sunday in Copenhagen started by heading to Torvehallerne, the food and flower markets near Nørreport, for a coffee. They were just setting up for the day – there were vans bringing fresh flowers glistening with water, and tall Danish girls arranging their pastries and bread. We wandered down to Strøget, the shops still closed, and then down to Nyhavn, which was already bustling.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, from the water

A canal boat tour from Nyhavn is one of the cheapest tourist things to do in Copenhagen – even the coffee cost more. We bought tickets for 40 DKK (about 5 euro) for an hour tour. The guide explained the sights in first Danish, then English, then German as we cruised out of Nyhavn, pointing out the Skuespilhuset (Playhouse) and Operaen (Opera house).

Operaen, Copenhagen Opera House

There’s a nice view of the Amalienborg Palace from the water, as well as the royal yacht, the one Princess Mary and Prince Frederik potter around in.

View of Amalienborg and the royal yacht

Amalienborg, Copenhagen


Loads of lovely boats on the water.


Our guide pointed out The Standard, which used to be a ferry terminal for travellers to Sweden. Now as there’s a bridge connecting to Sweden, there’s no need for a large ferry terminal, so it was turned into a restaurant complex. We thought it looked nice so after our cruise we wandered over and found a casual burger place called Yo Burger, where I had an amazing Portobello mushroom burger.

The Standard, Copenhagen

Yo Burger, Copenhagen

After lunch we wandered around and spent some time lingering in the sunshine in Ørstedsparken. Even though it was sunny, I’d just bought a raincoat from RAINS and just wanted to wear it everywhere (I think it goes nicely with my Fjallraven, don’t you?).

Raincoat from RAINS, backpack from FJALLRAVEN KANKEN

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