Brighton flea market

For my friend’s birthday we took the train from London to Brighton for a girls weekend. We did it on a super tight budget – living in London we were all poor as hell! We stayed at Smart Brighton because it was so cheap and had a good location (right next to the Walkabout, which… yup, that’s where we ended up going).

It was March and still cold in England, and let’s be honest, English beaches are all a bit sad, aren’t they?  But we wandered along the pier and ate some fish and chips (because how could you not, in Brighton?)

Brighton beach

Eating fish and chips at Brighton beach

Deck chairs on the Brighton pier

We also explored the Brighton Pavilion, and wandered over to the bright pink Brighton Flea Market. For a weekend in Brighton there’s plenty to do on a budget. We mostly just window shopped in the amazing shops Brighton has to offer, wandered along the beach, checked out the pier and the pavilion. And got drunk!

Brighton flea market

Brighton pavilion

Brighton pavilion

For dinner we went to the Regency for a really lovely seafood dinner (we even got a cake!). Then we attempted to have a good night out in Brighton, but we discovered that eight girls is hard to coordinate, and found ourselves in clubs surrounded by other hens dos. And so what does a bunch of eight Aussie and Kiwi girls do? Well… we went to the Walkabout. I know! But a bit of alcohol and good friends and you can have a hilarious night anywhere.


Feeling a little worse for wear the next day (how do we look so fresh?), we checked out of our hostel and had a nice breakfast at Morris & Jacques. We were pretty hungover and didn’t feel like putting too much effort into activities on Sunday, so we just wandered around a little and then caught the train back to London.

Have you ever been to Brighton? What was your favourite part?

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budget girls weekend in Brighton