When I first moved to Berlin the one big difference to London that I raved about to my friends was how much more spare time I had. In London I was working long, intense days, spending a lot of time rammed onto the central line, spending a lot of money meeting up with friends, and getting home late and exhausted, to make a quick stuffed pasta meal from Tesco and then veg out in front of the TV. In Berlin, my hours are flexible, I cycle to work in 20min, and with social gatherings tending to start later in the evening, I have a lot more time and creative energy to write in the evenings after work.

This week, that’s all changed.

I’ve just started German evening classes, four nights a week. I know what you’re probably thinking. You’ve lived in Germany for almost 6 months and you’re only NOW starting to learn German? Uh… yeah. It’s super easy to get by in Berlin without a scrap of German. I’ve learnt how to navigate through the grocery store, how to order at a bar, and otherwise I speak in English to everyone. But obviously, that’s not going to cut it for the long term. Plus, it’s a pretty fun challenge to learn a new language. I never contemplated learning German in school, but now, here I am, living in Germany.

A view over the Spree to the TV tower, Berlin

So now my daily schedule is rammed. I leave the house at 8:30, cycle to work, finish at 17:30, cycle to German class, and sit in class from 18:00 to 21:00, in time to cycle home for a late dinner, and maybe a bit of writing before bed. And that’s Monday to Thursday, with Friday my only night off from class.

So, how on earth am I going to make time for creative writing, blogging, reading, (oh, and hopefully a social life) in this hectic schedule? Well, that’s still to be determined, but here are a few ways I’m managing so far.

Reading – finding the time.

Reading a book

Now that I cycle, I no longer have that perfect reading time on the morning and evening commute. So I’ve intentionally started reading on my lunch breaks, or otherwise I’d never read! I also try to read for about 20 min when I wake up in the morning (but this is hard, when the alternative is a 20 min lie in!) I’ve set myself a pretty [ambitious reading list], and having it public is a good motivator to keep reading.

Writing – finding instant gratification.

My novels on wattpad

This one’s even harder. Sitting down to write takes a lot of creative energy. I often need to get myself in the zone by scrolling through my inspiration boards on Pinterest, rereading a lot of what I’ve written, going over my story plan, and then eventually pushing myself into writing a new chapter.

Basically, writing requires a lot of motivation. And it’s so easy to get distracted with social media, which provides instant gratification. So I’ve needed to give myself some instant gratification with my writing, too.

I do this by posting what I’ve written onto story-sharing platform, Wattpad. There, people read my work, vote on it, and leave comments. It’s instant feedback to what I’m writing, and serves as a great motivation to keep writing another chapter. If you’re a fiction writer, especially a young adult fiction writer (Wattpad’s aimed at teens), I’d definitely recommend getting your writing on Wattpad, asap.

Blog writing also gives me that instant gratification feeling. I can write a post, upload it, and people around the world will read it and share their thoughts. I love the aspect of sharing my thoughts with fellow bloggers – people who have the same creative vibes and goals as I do. Surrounding myself with other blogger’s posts, their big creative goals and thoughts and dreams, motivates me to write more.

Finding time for a social life.

Holzmarkt in Berlin

Well… I guess goodbye, social life.

Do you love reading and writing as much as I do? Find me on Wattpad, where you can read the latest chapter of my novel, Ruthless, that I just uploaded today! (Hooray, instant gratification!)

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And tell me in the comments, how do you make time for your writing? Any tips to share?