View of Bundestag over River Spree

I’ve previously blogged about my slow start to learning German in Berlin, but as I wrote, I hadn’t been going to too much effort in order to learn the language of the country I now call home. Well, that’s now changed! I’ve signed up to language classes and I’m starting to actively learn German. Finally, right?

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I had a look through German language schools in Berlin to find one right for me. I’ve got a pretty small budget, and I needed a class that fitted around my work schedule. So I needed evening German classes, in a convenient location to my work, and I didn’t want to pay more than about 250 euro.

A few language schools that I looked into:

Expath Berlin

  • Based in Neukolln and Mitte
  • 150 euro for 5 weeks of evening classes, 2 nights a week

Deutsche Akademie

  • Right near Alexanderplatz
  • 225 euro for 4 weeks of evening classes, 4 nights a week

Kapitel Zwei

  • Right near Alexanderplatz
  • 222 euro for 4 weeks of evening classes, 4 nights a week

I ended up going with Kapitel Zwei. I initially wanted to go with Expath (couldn’t say no to those prices!) but they didn’t have an availability for the class I wanted, while Kapitel Zwei still had openings.

Berlin trains

After a week of classes, how is it going?

Well, I’ve realised that the cost at face value doesn’t include the textbook, which at K2 is 20 euro, and there’s a new one every month. There’s no option to buy the textbook beforehand, or to get it secondhand, which seems a little wasteful to me. I thought Germany was good at recycling?

The classes so far have been about 80 – 90% immersive, meaning that for the most part, our teacher has spoken completely in German, except to explain a bit of grammar that would be impossible to understand otherwise (and let’s be honest, still remains pretty impossible to understand even in English).

View of Bundestag over River Spree


I’m starting at A1, because I haven’t done a structured German course before (just what my work offers me, which is one hour a week, plus doing the Babbel course), but of course the first week of A1 has admittedly been a little easy for me. Starting with Hallo, ich bin Ellen, is a little slow. But we’ve also done some solid groundwork for grammar that I’m sure will be handy to know later on.

Have you been to a language school in Berlin? Any particular ones to recommend? Any tips for how to cram more vocabulary into my brain? HOW to learn der, die, das? Let me know!