Update: read the 2019 version of this post.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, or Frauen*kampftag in Germany, which, for the unacquainted (welcome out from under your rock), is a day to commemorate the fight for women’s rights, and to celebrate how far we’ve come. This year’s theme is #PressforProgress, in response to recent movements in journalism to fight for equality, like the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements.

Fighting for gender equality can feel exhausting and never ending, but real change happens if we are able to make small changes in attitudes and behaviours at home and in the workplace. And by raising our voices and celebrating achievements when we have them, we keep moving forward.

If you want to do something to celebrate International Women’s Day in Berlin, I’ve handpicked a few exciting events.

The WØMB Symposium 2018 International Women’s Day

The WØMB is a non-profit supporting female creatives and entrepreneurs in the creative industries. They’re launching on International Women’s Day this year with a bucketload of  masterclasses, panels, talks, workshops, and parties. Oh, and it’s all free. Check out the Eventbrite page for all the details and to register. The after party is going down at IPSE with a wild line up of leading ladies.

Berlin Feminist Film Week

Right on the heels of Berlinale, the fifth edition of the Berlin Feminist Film week starts on March 8, of course. Its aim is to spread awareness of feminism, women’s rights and movement for equality through feminist cinema.

Girl Gone International Cocktails and Charity Event

If you’re a girl, in Berlin, you already need to get onto the Girl Gone International Facebook page for friendly and fun advice, events, meetups, as well as apartment searching and more. They’re also throwing a 5th birthday party on International Women’s Day (fitting!). The idea is for a bunch of girls to get together, and each bring a pack of pads or tampons to donate to homeless women and women in need. I think it’s such a smart cause, and it’s also a great opportunity to meet a bunch of feminist Berlinerinnen (wow, the plural of the female version of Berliner is a mouthful). 


If you’ve ever been to a demonstration in Berlin, you know it’s always a party. In Berlin, the Frauen*kampf Demo starts at the Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn at 15:30. There’s also another Demonstration starting at 17:00 at Hermannplatz.

Happy International Women’s Day!