The Farm, Byron Bay.

Just outside of Byron Bay in New South Wales is The Farm. It’s a working farm which the public is free to stroll around in, home to cows, pigs, sheep and vegetables, as well as a macadamia orchard where you can crack and eat macadamias fresh from the trees.

There’s also a restaurant, a café, and a shop selling fresh produce, as well as lots of educational programs for children to learn about farming. Basically, it’s a pretty sweet place to check out.

Here are some cows, chilling in the shade.

cows at the farm at byron bay

I made friends with a chicken who was wandering around the café…


Succulents on sale at the Farm…


More chickens…

Chickens at the Farm at byron bay

This is the macadamia nut cracker.

Cracking macadamia nuts at the farm at byron bay

Hope you liked my photos! Here’s the Farm at Byron Bay website, in case you want more details.


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