Read my novels.


If you fancy taking a peek into a book of mine, you can check them out on Wattpad. It’s an online site and an app that I upload my books to, where people can read them for freeee. I have 2 completed novels, a novella, and I’m currently writing the sequel and uploading it as I write! Just visit my Wattpad profile or you can read more about the stories below….

Brew Books

Brew Books on Wattpad

London. A café and bookstore, run by 7 young bibliophiles.

Until one disappears.

Newly single, dropped out of university, and brand new to London, Jane Thomas has no idea what she’s getting into when she accepts the job at Brew Books.

She’s instantly pulled into the world of her fellow baristas and bibliophiles, who each have secrets of their own. And she starts to fall for Harper, the bartender with the smile she can’t resist.

But who was Matt, who once lived in the room that Jane moves into? Why did he leave? And when will he be back?


Reprise on Wattpad

Music • High School • Drama • Romance • Australia •

Emily and Lucas grew up together. They were the closest friends you could imagine. Until Lucas did something that Emily could not forgive him for.

But now, Lucas is trying to push his way back into her life. And he knows something about their past – and their parent’s past – that Emily doesn’t know.


Riptide on Wattpad

Australia • Surf • Sun • Love • Memories •

When you’re surfing big waves, you’re going to get dumped.

18-year-old Indy has finally returned to her mother’s pretty little beachfront cottage. This is going to be the summer she finally confesses her love to Ryan, the boy next door. But this year, Ryan has brought along a girlfriend. Indy is determined not to let heartbreak drown her, because when you get wiped out, you’ve just got to get back on the board.

I hope you read them!


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