Autumn in Bruges.

Welcome to Bruges, Belgium, a little town of bridges, gingerbread houses overlooking the canals, colourful buildings and brilliantly vibrant orange trees in late autumn.

I visited a friend in her very ‘grammable new home, where I spent the lovely last glimpse of warm weather wandering the cobblestone streets, crossing bridges and stepping out of the way of hundreds of tourists and too many horse-drawn carriages.

A view of houses across the canal. The water is so still that the houses are perfectly reflected in the water.

Seriously, look at that reflection on the water! The whole town is cute little houses perched onto canals, and you can just imagine sitting in a window like that, reading a book and watching as the canal boats drift by.

A canal with a bridge crossing it, and an orange tree shading over it. Across the canal there is a garden full of greens and reds of autumn.
Lovely tall old buildings looking over the canal.

I quite like the look of this tall pale blue building above, with its huge gothic-style door and arched window frames.

Very cute chocolate shop and gift store in beautiful old buildings.

Thanks for having me, Bruges!

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Girl sitting on a wall in front of the main canal of Bruges.

2 thoughts on “Autumn in Bruges.

  1. Wow, just look at those beautiful reflections and fantastic autumn colours. It was raining during our visit, and we returned back to Brussels fairly drenched, yet it was one of the most memorable day trips. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva

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