Feed reindeer in Finland.

I only had limited time in Finland, and while I’m sure Helsinki is a beautiful city, sometimes you need to get out of the city! So we booked a day trip from Helsinki to the Nuuksio national park, where they have semi-domestic reindeer you can feed.

Minimalist Glastonbury Pack List.

If, like me, you’re travelling a long distance to Glastonbury, or taking the coach, or just don’t want to carry a mountain of stuff with you from the carpark to the tent, then you’ll want to pack light.

Learning German in Berlin

I moved to Berlin in April 2017, and I didn’t know any German except for how to say hello, please and thank you. I initially planned to do an intensive course for a month, three hours a day for four nights a week. But then I realised that I was moving to Berlin at the start of summer, and I didn’t want to spend four nights a week in a classroom (on top of working full-time), when I could be out enjoying everything that Berlin has to offer in the long summer evenings.

A walking tour of Copenhagen.

I had the best time in Copenhagen, and absolutely fell in love with the pretty city in the weekend that I was there! I expected Copenhagen to be beautiful, but it exceeded my expectations. Copenhagen is a completely walkable city, but hiring a bike in Copenhagen would be an even better way to get around! I was able to see everything I wanted in my weekend in Copenhagen just by walking around.

Why I moved to Berlin.

My first impression of Berlin was the May Day weekend. At the time I was 22, living in London, and travelling as much as I could while working full time as a copywriter…