6 best free apps you need in London.

I lived in London for two years, and went from someone who didn’t know the difference between the tube and the overground, to someone who could navigate brunch, a gig, and three birthday dinners in one day. Still kinda not sure about the difference between the tube and the overground, though. Don’t even get me started on National Rail. Anyway, here are a few good apps you highkey need on your phone if you’re living in London.

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10 surprising differences between Australia and London.

Any Aussie moving to London would expect to find a few differences between the golden sandy beaches of Aus and the rainy grey city of London, but it’s not just the weather that’s the difference between living in Australia and living in England. We speak the same language, but there are heaps of cultural differences between the Brits and the Aussies, which you’ll discover living in the UK. I’m a Brisbane girl, and I moved to London when I was 21 to personify that Aussie-in-London stereotype, and I discovered some big differences in culture. And before anyone jokes about Aussies having no culture, you’ll start to recognise the Aussie culture as soon as you move to England and see what Aussies look like to a Londoner. You might be a bit embarrassed (and secretly a bit proud) of your own Australian culture.

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Tips for finding a flat in London.

The London rental game is a competitive minefield, but if you dedicate some time, you’ll be able to find a flat (especially as an Aussie or a Kiwi). If you’re just moving to London as a single person, your best option is finding a room in an existing flatshare. London flatshares typically come furnished, and if you move into a room of a flat with people who’ve been living there for a while, you won’t have to worry about anything except making your own bed.

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What to see in the Cotswolds, England.

Ideal for a day trip or a long weekend break from London, the Cotswolds are an area of quintessential British beauty, featuring rolling green hills, quaint English villages, palaces,  gardens, and historic towns. A few years ago I took a long weekend road trip from London to the Cotswolds. We hired a car to drive from London to Oxford and Bath, stopping by some of the loveliest villages and towns in England. Here’s a guide to the Cotswolds, including the best places to visit, where to stay, and what to do (as well as the perfect place to watch the sunset in the Cotswolds).

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Where to find deer in London.

Did you know there are wild deer living in London? Richmond Park is a massive park in the outer zones of London, and there are wild deer roaming throughout the park – if you can spot them! We hired bikes to ride around, so we found the deer pretty easily, but if you’re walking, it can sometimes be hard to find them because of how big the park is.Continue reading “Where to find deer in London.”