Skiing in Austria.

Sometimes I just wanna look back on photos from holidays, so here’s some photos of skiing in Austria.

Summer 2018 in Berlin.

What’s summer like in Berlin? Well, there’s a lot of sunshine. A lot of afternoons spent spread out on picnic blankets, grazing on hummus and carrots and drinking beer. A lot of visits to the many lakes around the city, to escape the heat. A lot of cycling to meet friends, to watch sunsets fromContinue reading “Summer 2018 in Berlin.”

Kala festival, Albania.

Never really considered Albania as a a travel destination until a boutique music festival opened up shop there. Albania’s not really a hot tourist destination, but it might just become one. Right next to Greece, it boasts the same beautiful waters and coastlines, but it’s way less popular. Also a lot trickier to get to.


Hi, welcome to the world of lazy blogging where I can’t reaeaally be bothered to write anything about Budapest, but want you to know that I loved it and here are some snaps (mostly of me eating) to prove that I don’t just sit in my flat all day writing like the hermit that IContinue reading “Budapest”

Read my novels.

If you fancy taking a peek into a book of mine, you can check them out on Wattpad. It’s an online site and an app that I upload my books to, where you can read books for free. I have 3 completed novels, a novella, and I’m currently writing a new fantasy novel. Just visit myContinue reading “Read my novels.”

A few snaps from Scotland.

Just some snaps from Scotland, featuring hairy coos, a lot of rain, the Loch Ness, Edinburgh, Arthur’s seat and a cat! This was a while ago, when I still had gross orange hair halfway through dying it blonde.

The Farm, Byron Bay.

Just outside of Byron Bay in New South Wales is The Farm. It’s a working farm which the public is free to stroll around in, home to cows, pigs, sheep and vegetables, as well as a macadamia orchard where you can crack and eat macadamias fresh from the trees. There’s also a restaurant, a café,Continue reading “The Farm, Byron Bay.”